Sunday, May 5, 2019

Beachwalk ~ Playing "Deserted Island"

Each Beachwalk is unique...
We may walk this beach a thousand times...
But no two will be the same!

It's Sunday.  We have plans late this afternoon, so this morning we have two choices... Either start back up on our painting project... or go for a walk on the beach!  What would YOU do???

There's always a bounce in my step as we head out the gate and down the sidewalk to the beach.  My mind is buzzing with anticipation as I wonder what we'll find out there today.  Of course, sea glass is always my fall-back objective, but what else???

I went straight for the pile of rocks to start that sea glass hunt... but Bruce spotted something just up the beach to the west.  "What's THAT???"

It's a RAFT!  A Real RAFT!!!!
How cool is that??? It's a relatively new, bamboo raft!  Wonder who made it!  It's obviously washed up from somewhere, but where?  Was there a person or people on it?  Where are they now?  My mind went wild with scenarios...

I sure wish we had a place to keep it! 
It's made with some heavy pieces of bamboo... Too heavy for us to drag it to our lair!

It was lashed together very well and looked very sturdy.  It wasn't covered in growth or funk, so it was made recently.

What an awesome find!  Unfortunately we really have no place to put it... and it's way too heavy for us to drag it home anyway.  But dang, we wanted it!

Finding the raft gave our beach walk a new dimension... Kind of like we just washed up here from days on the water on our tiny raft... Now to go off and explore our new island!

We found fresh water... probably going to have to boil that...
Right away I found this rare, blue "coin" to purchase the essentials.

We found a huge line arranged in the shape of a heart.  We aren't the only ones who love this beach!
A recent fire left the area charred and sparse. We aren't the only ones here...
Roasted Baby Palm
Oh goodie... more Dinero!
We were being watched by the natives...
This looks like it'll make a nice bed...
On second thought... It's kind of hard!

Somebody's been sampling the coconuts!

These little Ghost Crabs are all over the beach.  They behave strangely in that they come up out of their hole and scurry toward the water where the waves always pummel them.  They ride out in a jumble of wave, then get deposited back onto the sand, only to do it all again!  I spent a while trying to give this little guy his 15 minutes of fame!

Here he is just floating in the water.  Wonder if he's trying to catch minnows?
A wave carries him back up onto the beach...
He's deposited high and dry, but then he runs right back into the oncoming waves!
Here it comes again...
And AGAIN!  Some people never learn!
I found a little "palm flower" to decorate my beach home...

I'm glad we're not still out on the high seas in our tiny raft!  Looks like some weather out there!

I think we've found ourselves a home!
Well, all good fantasies must come to an end... We left our raft to the next lucky beachcomber and went back to the business of stuffing our pockets with sea glass, pretty rocks and shells. Upon return to our villa, we were greeted by the customs inspector... Maybe we really have just arrived from foreign lands!

Jezabelle inspected our treasures!

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