Sunday, April 9, 2017

Other People's Vacation Photos - Fort Louis

Some days deserve their own blog post.. Today was such a day.  We've been working so hard on boat projects... we NEEDED a day off.  We NEEDED to get off of this boat and do something fun.  We NEEDED a vacation!  We've been here for a month and a half now and have not been "touristing".  There is a fort standing watch over the town of Marigot and I wanted to see it.

Cemetery with above-ground graves
I had to take matters into my own hands if it was ever going to happen... Even though Bruce is a retired history teacher... his opinion on forts is "You've seen one... you've seen them all...". And although he is not far off... they DO all begin to look very similar after a while, we were going to see this one.

We took off walking after a light breakfast, thinking it would be no problem finding the fort.  We were in no hurry so we sort of meandered through parts of Marigot we had yet to see.  I knew that we were near Sarafina's before I could smell it.  I've been actively avoiding the place since we arrived, thinking that if I went there, I could never go back...

Poor Bruce... the boy never had a chance.  I silently steered him in the direction of Sarafina's while announcing that I was beginning to be very thirsty and felt light-headed.  He said "Maybe there's a place over here where we could get some water for you.".  Why yes... I do believe you're right!

He fell into my plan with minimal struggle and we enjoyed a delicious Second Breakfast of something nameless but incredible.  I'm really glad we didn't come here early on or I would have to buy all new clothes...

Bit of a climb from town up the hill to the fort.
Newly fortified (get it), we continued on our trek to Fort Louis.  I thought the way would be easier to find, but we ended up having to ask how to get there.  We could see the thing but couldn't find the entrance!  Where are the signs people???

We finally found it!   Please enjoy my vacation photos!

Still going up...

You can see Marigot, the town and the bay, and across Sandy Ground you can see the boats in the Lagoon

Looking out of one of the keyholes in the walls

Marina Fort Louis.  It's a cool circular marina where med-mooring is the norm.  

Looking back inland at Marigot

Dos Libras is out there near Explorer Island in the Lagoon... way over there!

So on our way back down the hill Bruce told me that he was glad I made him do this... Even the part about tricking him into buying me a second breakfast... This is what I live with!!!

The fort was the perfect mix of tumble-down/restored.  It was an easy climb but great exercise.  The views were stunning and the air was fresh... what's not to like.

Why weren't there more people there??? There were maybe three families during our visit.  One had a guide.  There was no ticket booth, no admission, nobody counting how many people visit...  If this had been in the US it would have been a zoo and probably cost more than we would have paid... We love that so much in the Caribbean is FREE!!!!  If you can get here that is...

We had fun and it made us both remember that THIS is why we're cruising.  It's not to do Boat-Projects-In-Foreign-Ports... It's so that we can hold hands and explore new sights and learn about this beautiful place we are fortunate enough to be experiencing first hand.

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