Sunday, April 9, 2017

Must Get Off The Boat... Fort Louis

We've been here in Marigot since February 15th... It's now April 9th... and I finally had to just drag Bruce off to see this Fort!  You would think as a retired teacher of history, all things historical would be his thing...  Perhaps he just lacks momentum... because once I got him off of the boat he headed straight for Sarafina's Bakery...

No complaints here!!!  Sarafina's makes the BEST breakfast sandwiches... I'm sure they would be appalled to hear me call them that, but I don't know what else to call them... They are ham with egg, tomatoes and some other things... and then the whole thing is dipped in a very light something and fried...  There are no words!

This day was just the two of us... wandering around Fort Louis... enjoying the sights of this beautiful place.  I'll let the photos take it from here...

I can never pass a cemetery without taking a few photos.  This one is in the centre of the tourist area on the waterfront!

It took us a while to find the way to the Fort.  We could SEE it, just couldn't find the road there!

Built in 1789 - Fort Louis has defended the town of Marigot primarily from the English coming over from Anguilla...

It's a steep climb up, up, and up... but totally worth the effort!
Halfway there and already our reward...  Keep going!

Seriously... almost there!

Feeling a little vulnerable right now...

Looking toward the North at Anguilla

Pretty neat view of the Fort Louis Marina down below.  It's circular!!!

Marigot Bay and beyond

The city of Marigot

We were here!

Aimed at the city of Marigot... they weren't taking any chances!
One of the inhabitants...

On the way back down again...
We stopped along the way to pick up some Schwarmas...  Google it... they're awesome.

What a fun day.  Bruce admitted that he wasn't really interested in going to the Fort, but after spending the day there, we're both glad we finally did it.

You've gotta get off the boat!  Sometimes we get this inertia, call it laziness or whatever.  But when we make the effort we are always rewarded... And rainbows!

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