Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Into the Chute

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Well... this is it!  We're loading the chute.  And like cattle, we don't know exactly what's coming up next.  But unlike cattle, we're going willingly!

I vacillate between calm and frenzy.  There are so many things that we haven't done yet to get ready.  And yet, the boat was really ready enough when we bought her.  All of the "things" are just MY things.

We gave our 30 day notice to vacate our slip yesterday.  Yes, early, but we're set to be homeless on October 1.  If we have unfinished business, we'll anchor out in Ingleside Cove, or we'll take a transient slip in Rockport.  But on the first day of October, our adventure will begin.

Living in the Marina has been a luxury that will soon end.  These last weeks will be filled with selling cars, finalizing our banking issues, finding permanent places on the boat for all the stuff we need out of the garage and dock box, and forcing our minds into this next phase.

I think we're ready.  I have made peace with the leaving.  I know that any drama that occurs will be all in my head.  In reality, it will be just one day on the water after another.  Only difference is, we will not be going home.


  1. How exciting ... October 1st is right around the corner! We can't wait to get in that "chute"!

    1. You'll get there! Seems like yesterday I was where you are. Time goes by so fast!

  2. You have think of your boat as "Home" ... You are always home on the boat! We weren't as adventurous as you, but we gave up our slip 5 years ago, sailed out of Mandeville, LA, and cruised the Gulf coast and East Coast as far as Bar Harbor Maine! It was such an adventure ... You must "just do it!" You will never regret it!

    Rene, s/v Southern Skies

    1. Rene we are surely going to! I'm so excited and I guess you bring up a good point about where is "home". In everyday conversation, when we say we're going "home", we do mean to the boat. But for everyone who has ever left their hometown... that place will be a different kind of "home". I'm glad to throw another vote onto the "you'll never regret it" pile. Thanks for posting and for reading my blog.