Saturday, August 17, 2013

I'm Beginning To Develop A Complex

I have struggled with the growing list of things to do in order to be ready to set sail when October comes.  We have made a list.  We have added to the list.  We have even been able to cross many things off the list.  But still the list looms, ever-menacing, over us.  We just can NOT work all the time!  We need to have some fun.  Today, we tried mixing it up by having some fun doing things on the list!  If this is a blatant rationalization... So. Be. IT!

The calm morning beckoned for us to take a dinghy ride.  The waters here are almost NEVER this flat!  What could we DO?

Our rationalization was that we needed to use up our dinghy fuel so it wouldn't go bad... and that we need to run the dinghy after recent repairs. It is still not acting just right... and lastly, we wanted to install the dinghy wheels and motor fins.

We couldn't do these last two things from the boat.  We decided to do them "Cruiser Style"!

We beached the dinghy on a nearby island and got to work.  We found a board to prop the dinghy up and dug the instructions and tools out of our dry bag for installing the dinghy wheels.

Bruce has wanted these wheels for months.  Finally we would have them!

(sound of scratching record)

It was not to be...  When it got down to it... our transom was not going to allow for proper installation.  The wheels should be placed as far apart as they can, and 1/2 inch up from the lowest part of the dinghy.  Our V-bottom and the fact that our fiberglass hull is one piece with built in reinforcement struts inside the back wall, would just not allow for proper placement of the wheels.  We were so bummed out!  Shake it off!  Shit happens!  At least we're not WORKING!

OK, next up, we install the dinghy motor fins.  We were all set to place the fins when first, we had to take off the zinc and had to go back to the boat for the right tool...  Hey, we wanted to run the motor, right?

So, we're back on the sand, ready to drill when... we can't get a straight angle on the holes due to the way the motor is made... DAMN!  We are going to have to do this on the boat where we can use our electric drill.  This project isn't going to happen.

So... we decide to take advantage of the day and PLAY!

There is a nearby wrecked sailboat just up the beach from where we are.

Bruce swam over while I walked the beach.  The last time we were here, this boat was a real sailboat, just sitting on the bottom.  Now it has all but worked its way down into the sand, nearly disappearing under the water.

I was too worried about what might be lurking in that hole to get any closer.  I'm going to have to work on that...

We spent some time floating in the beautiful waters before moving on.  I think this fat ring around my belly has improved my buoyancy...

We could see another sailboat wreck on the other side of the Lydia Ann Channel.  I wonder what's going on with all of these wrecked boats!

So.... Off we went!

We disturbed this heron as we picked the perfect spot to anchor the dinghy on the other side...

Cool bottle full of beach

Anyone need a nice cap?

Natural Pumice.

Mermaids could use these shells for fake nails!

A little beach combing was in order as there were scads of shoes and other stuff washed upon this shore...

We walked up into a cove to see if we could find my favorite, the Roseate Spoonbill.  There were none to be found.

We knew they had been here however... Bruce found a great feather for his hat...

We next turned our attention to the wrecked boat.  This boat was once a nice sailing Cat.  Months of wind and wave have reduced it to this.  We are still curious as to why this happened...

Do you think we have salvage rights?  I'm thinking we don't WANT any...

We splashed around some more, then headed back to the boat to get some lunch and have a nap.

We eventually did finish installing the fins on the motor.  We mounted it backwards on it's rail mount block.  Bruce found a drill bit that was long enough to get the job done.   We are happy to have accomplished something today!

By this time, it was well after "5 o'clock" so we joined the felines on the deck for a beverage and made plans for what we would (try to) get done next week.

We have GOT to stop beating ourselves up for work not done, and realized that we need some play time, and that it must be done when the weather is good for it.

There are some "real life" things I need to do, such as figuring out which bank we will transfer our accounts to what has no foreign transaction or ATM fees... And what to do with my 401k... And figuring our what insurance policy will be best for health and for the boat when traveling internationally...

All of these things are weighting heavily on my mind.  Please leave a comment if you have found success in these and I'll be eternally grateful!


  1. You may want to look at the SSCA (Seven Seas Cruis. Assoc.) forum for answers to some of these questions about insurance and stuff. It's been a great source of info for us.