Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Next Big Step...

I guess it was a good indication that we were REALLY going cruising when I retired from my job a month ago.  So why am I finding this next step to be such a challenge?


FOR SALE:  2001 BMW 325IT (Touring)

BMW performance with space to take your toys with you!!!  We are selling our BEST car first!  This car has been perfect for us as it has the ride of a sedan but has room with the fold down rear seats to take us everywhere we want to go.

Price:      $7,500.00
Year:        2001
Mileage:  135,000

The car is currently located in Port Aransas but has been garage kept in Corpus Christi for most of the time we've owned her.  We would be happy to show you everything we love about this car by appointment.  If you are looking for a clean, well maintained, NICE car... this is IT!

Sporty front seats

Open Moon Roof

Sporty Leather seats fully electric

Spacious leather back seats

One or both seats fold down for extra cargo room
Window Hatch open

Cargo Hatch open

Seats down cargo space


  1. Darn I wish this car was in Annapolis! Looks to be in nice shape, assume you'll have no trouble finding it a meaningful life with a new owner.

    1. It's in GREAT mechanical shape and looks pretty good too! We bought the extended warranty when we purchased the car and have had SO many things replaced. We made out like bandits on that warranty! Bruce is Mr. Prophylactic and we've had the timing belt and water pump replaced before they went out as part of the regular maintenance. We may be talking ourselves into keeping the car since we know she is good and we will never find a replacement for the money.

  2. Ahhhh - you guys are SO CLOSE! What a huge step. Congrats!