Saturday, December 15, 2012

Things I Miss - My Washer & Dryer

Our guests added to this week's load!
When we moved aboard our plan for laundry while we are still here in Port A was to continue using the machines at our Townhouse.  We quickly realized the inconvenience of this and after taking our laundry to Thanksgiving dinner, we have never been back.

It was nice having our own machines so that we could just throw a load in whenever it was convenient.  Our Marina has a small laundry facility for those emergency loads.  But we have found that all things considered... it's just easier for us to load it all up once a week and take it to the laundromat.

I know, I know... people our age should be past the laundromat phase.  But you would be surprised how many other women my age and older I meet there who either live aboard boats or in RVs.  Port A is that kind of town.

Anyway... we get the whole week's worth of laundry done in about two hours, spend about $15 per week and it's all done!  We can go about our lives!  With the cost savings of not driving to Corpus Christi and the 6-8 hours it would have taken us to do it at the townhouse just seem like a no-brainer.  Plus, I'm still making my own laundry soap and fabric softener so that helps to defray the costs of using the laundromat too.

So, while I do miss the convenience of washing a load anytime in our own machines... I only miss them a little bit.