Sunday, December 2, 2012

Haircut Day

We are on the final stretch to cruising with only just over six months to go, and we are really trying to cut down on any expenses we can.  If it doesn't further our cause... we don't need it!  That said, I won't try to pretend that we've only just begun cutting our own hair.

I discovered long ago that I care what Bruce looks like FAR more than that girl at the barber shop or cheapo salon.  He was getting kind of shaggy... at least a week overdue, when we found ourselves with a free moment.  So he hosed his head down on the dock and presented himself for a trim.

This is the first time haircut day has come around since we moved aboard.  I had no idea where we would do it.  Bruce suggested the dock and I found the dock steps to be the perfect height for me.

I set to work on his head... it actually went a lot more quickly than it does at home.  Easier access or something.  Sometimes Bruce takes liberties with me that he dare not with some nameless hair cutting stranger... The boy can't handle idle hands... 

This could be grounds for a serious haircut faux pas but somehow I always (almost) get it right.  He's a NEW MAN!

My hair is another story...  I use scissors as styling tools and trim away if a lock gets out of hand.  My coiffure needs are simple and I can get by with only an occasional chop across the bottom by my daughter.  I guess I'll have to brave it and let Bruce have a go at it once we're out there.  At least if he botches it, I can hide out until it grows back before being seen by other humans. I wonder how many other strange and wonderful places we'll find to play Beauty Shop...