Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sailing with the Relatives

Jackie practicing use of her new smart phone
The honored title of "First House Guests" since moving aboard goes to Bruce's brother Phil and his wife Jackie.  What to do for entertainment? That's an easy one... take them out SAILING!

I took the day off work so that we could enjoy this balmy December weather and that it was.  We had a light cool breeze that made for a smooth sail.

I would have thought with all the recent bouncing in the slip we've had... Jezabelle would have been able to handle this gentle glide.  But alas, there was some seasickness at the start.  But her curiosity overcame her mal-de-mer and she came up to see what was going on.

We took the Crab Man Channel to Aransas Pass  where we parked the boat so that we could enjoy a drink and lunch at Redfish Willies.  It really is the perfect daysail destination out of Port A.

Photo by Jackie
The winds had clocked around more East when we finished our meal and got underway for the return to our slip.  This put the winds (light as they were) square on our nose with a tide against us.  Nothing to be concerned about, we just had to motorsail the entire way.  It was still a pleasant way to spend the day.

Our move to the new slip to facilitate more sailing is working.  We had no trouble getting out and I (this time) backed the boat smoothly into the slot.  I won't say it was perfect but we're still working out our process with the lines.  There are more of them, and the slip is much more wide than our last one, but we're getting there.  No stress, just a great day on the water.

Once we were safely back in the slip, Jetsam, who had spent the whole day blending into the upholstery of  the Starboard settee, came to life.  She's a good sailor cat than Jezzer if a bit aloof.  She seems confused as usual as she checks out the scene.  Come on back inside Jetsam and enjoy your reward dinner!