Saturday, December 22, 2012

Half A Sunshine Day

We've had nothing but clouds, clouds, clouds... for weeks!  At least while I wasn't working that is.  I'm a sunshine girl and can't go to many days without some warm sunshine on my face.  I have no idea how folks up North can make it through the long winter months of dreary weather.  Finally today we had some SUN!  The winds were light and it was warm enough to wear shorts.  Oh happy day!

Bruce needs his sailing fix just as much as I need my sunshine.  Today looked like a great day to get out of the slip.  Our daughter, Brittney and her dog Leila came to Port A to hang out with us for the day.  She's a good sport about going sailing more than an avid sailor.  But she is a good hand to have aboard when we need one.

We took the boat up the Corpus Christi ship channel in nice flat water.  There was some traffic to contend with, I guess shipping doesn't stop for the holidays.  We weren't out long when our sunny day turned cooler with the advance of a line of solid cloud cover.  OH NOOOO!

Well, it was getting late anyway, so we turned back and headed to the barn.  We were accompanied by dolphin along the way.  I never tire of seeing them ride alongside our boat as if taking a look to see what we've got for them.

If they only knew about the load of fresh shrimp we had stashed down below waiting for us to slap them on a jalapeño, poke some cream cheese in and wrap them with bacon!  If they only knew!!!

Well as soon as we got the boat put away and the laundry started... (Jezabelle, as always plagued with mal-de-mer) Brittney started assembling the shrimps for grilling.

Bruce's turn came next and he fired up the grill.  They didn't take long and they were so good!  It's nice to have the Poly Anna as a neighbor.

We finished up our dinner and saw Brittney and Leila off to home.  I was sad to see her go.  We enjoy living out on the boat but miss seeing the kid every day.  Look, now I'm getting sappy... must not have had enough sunshine!  Well, there's always tomorrow and half a sunshine day is better than none!

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