Saturday, September 15, 2012

Baby Steps to Adjustment

OK, those of you who are already out there cruising or living aboard your cruising yachts, go ahead and laugh.  Get it out of your system as I'm sure there is more to come as things get more real for me. 

It started out well enough... we had friends invited over for happy hour and snagged a couple of others who were walking down the dock.  We spent a pleasant Friday evening on the veranda sharing stories.  The heat wave has finally given it up (knock on wood) and it was a great evening.   

We had dinner and an early evening, in bed by 8:30.  When I came down into the salon it was brrrr chilly!  Hey Bruce, why don't we turn off the AC!  Well he was right on it, opened up a few windows and let in the nice breeze to lull me to sleep. 

Sleep that came after I could adjust to the noise coming from the next slip where our neighbors had just come in from an all-day offshore fishing expedition.  OK anyway, so I'm asleep... 

Then, sometime in the night, the wind stops blowing.  I toss and I turn in half wakingness and my mind starts thinking that maybe there are bugs coming in through the open port at our heads... maybe the cats will get out in the night when we bring them aboard and disappear into the drink while we sleep... what if they get out and run around town, doesn't Port A have a leash law?! 

And that's just while we are at the dock, what about when we are out in the middle of nowhere...  well I just can't think about that now.  I'm sure I'll adjust, just like the cats.  I'm used to living in a cage.  Walls all around me.  I'm sure that once I get out and experience the freedom of living without walls, I'll love it!  But I'm still HOT! 

So I nudge Bruce, thinking he can just reach over and flip on the AC.  (what about closing the ports you might ask, but remember, I'm sleep befuddled)  Bruce declines!!!!  Bruce NEVER declines!!!  He wasn't being lazy, he was being assertive.  (I kind of like it)  He turned on the fan on his side of the bed.  I settled back and waited for the cool breeze... it never came. 

The fan had been mounted low enough that when he turned on his side, he blocked all but the merest waft of air from reaching my side of the bed.  This will never do.  So I continued to lobby for the AC... to no avail.  He got up and went in search of another fan, plugged it in and turned it towards me.  Well now this was nice enough.  It cooled down and I was able to snuggle back to await sleep that was long in coming... more worries.  This time it was work stuff (which can't be counted against me as there won't BE any work stuff when we go). 

I must have drifted off because next thing I remember was being awakened by Bruce's fidgeting around.  The light was on in the salon... why was the light on in the salon and Bruce is here?  I stretched and inquired.  Sorry I asked!  He had checked the radar and found a large blob that appeared to be developing and moving very slowly our way.  He talked me into putting the enclosure up in the cockpit.  It'll only take 10 minutes... and 30 minutes later, here I am while he puts on the finishing touches. 
And oh yes!  The AC is ON!  Well c'mon!  We aren't "out there" YET!  I'm working on it!