Saturday, November 12, 2011

First Wave of Possession Erradication

For weeks I've been trying to "see" my stuff anew.  Our Townhouse community has a yearly yard sale which we have missed for the past two years.  This year Bruce gave me a pass on helping him with a regatta, so that I could make good on my promise to begin ridding mysel of those pesky treasures collected over so many years.

As I've walked though our home in the last couple of weeks, I've laid eyes on each of the many things we have collected which have made our home so personal and so pleasing to us in the years we've lived here.  I hardly ever leave the house that I don't bring home something as a souvenir.  These weeks I've been mentally preparing myself to let them go.  It is these things that I've pledged to do without so that we can move closer to our goal of cutting the dock lines and becoming full-time liveaboards.

I took the day off work on Friday so that I could actually begin moving things towards the door.  We hit the ground early and I just went from room to room, taking things down and depositing them in the living room to await pricing.  I went through closets and we decimated the attic storage, where we found things we had forgotten long ago.  Who needs 'em!  Out! 

Brittney came over in the afternoon to help me price things and I will admit, some of the things she questioned and I caved... they can't go now!  But, most of the stuff I had brought out did end up either at Brittney's house or the homes of some stranger (sniffle) at a ridiculously low price.
I was very scientific in my pricing strategy... if I didn't mind keeping it or if it was a particularly pricey item, I priced it high (by yard sale standards).  If I didn't sell it, I would bring it back in and await the next annual sale.

As the day wore on, we moved things around and at the end of the sale, we had only a very few items left.  I brought a couple of things in and restored them to their rightful place... reprieved!  The rest we stuffed into a few small boxes and made a mad dash to the Goodwill store before I lost my nerve and my resolve.

 How do I feel about it?  Well I would like to say I'm saddened by the loss of my treasures, but honestly, I can hardly remember what all we sold!  All in all, a success in bringing us closer to our goal!  A little more money for the cruising kitty and a little less stuff to dust while we're still here.