Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sailing with the Mc's

Today we took Mark's In-Laws out sailing on Elan to top off Laura's weekend-long celebration for graduating from Residency. She went to work, while her family played! How RUDE!!! We went out early so that we could get the relatives on the road to Houston early in the afternoon. We set sail just after 10 am and it was beautiful. It wasn't long before we tacked over and saw that we were slowly making our way towards this big grey cloud with the cute little tail sticking down out of it. I didn't get good pics when it came about halfway down, but this was truly a waterspout in the making.

If you looked over the other way, the day was fine indeed. The breeze came up slowly and we were cutting right along.

I asked Danny to take the helm and he jumped right up there and did a great job. All it took was just a little bit of direction and he sailed the boat as if he were born to it. We might have just made a new sailor out of the guy.

He's going to have to put off buying a boat anytime soon as he has his first child on the way in about 2 weeks time. And as Mark says... babies take precedence over boats.

Charlie took lots of pictures (that I hope he'll share) and Annette was busy the whole trip sketching her lovely daughter, Anna. Annette is a very talented artist. I'm jealous of her gift. Anyone can take a picture... but drawing one is amazing.

The one thing everyone was looking forward to on this sail was seeing dolphins. Bruce and I promised we would and our guests were not disappointed. I won't say that they got the full deal, but we did have a very small dolphin at our bow for a bit.

The ladies took Nathan out on the deck to see if they would come check out the pregnant woman. Supposedly dolphins have an affinity for a woman in the "family way". It didn't get us any special treatment today however. Bruce had been worried that Anna would be miserable out on the boat, or even worse... thrown into labor. She did a marvelous job and even looked like she had some fun! I thought she was enviably light on her feet and balanced, considering...

Nate was entertained with bubbles and in looking for the dolphins, but only for about half the sail. He crawled around the deck for a while then disappeared below to play games on the iPhone. I think he's just so busy with summer camp activities, he was worn out! He was very good! I can't believe he didn't get seasick hanging out down below as we were under way. We'll have to get to work making crew out of him as he grows up. I know his mom and step-dad are teaching him to sail. If he follows in Des' footsteps, he should be a great sailor some day.

Everyone expressed their thanks as if taking them sailing was any kind of imposition! What they don't know is that we can go sailing by ourselves all the time. It's not often that the weather and the company are so perfect! Thanks for a great day all you Mc's!

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  1. You are most welcome. We loved it. You guys are great hosts!