Saturday, July 18, 2020

Anniversary Breakfast Run

Elan, our CS36t on Corpus Christi Bay
Our lives have, for many years, been awesome enough that it's been difficult to figure out what to do to make a special day... special.  When you're living the dream and traveling all the time, the things you do every day are the things you would consider doing to celebrate!  Now that we're living a more normal life on land, the question of what to do to celebrate our 16th Wedding Anniversary became a thing again! 

It was fun looking back over some special moments in our lives together.  I found these to post on Facebook...

Bruce and I met while sailing on Corpus Christi Bay.  That was a huge part of our lives, and it led to marriage, and then on to cruising!

This was 30 minutes prior to our wedding ceremony.  It remains a special memory for us. 
A tender moment in the stunning waters of the Bahamas our first time there. Dos Libras in the background.
Fastforward to our buying a home here on Puerto Rico!  This is ours every day!!!
So this morning, in celebration of 16 years of marriage (somehow we don't get official credit for the other 4 1/2 years as a couple), we decided to go back to the simple pleasure of something that we used to do back in our years before cruising.  Sometimes in the morning, we would decide to jump out of bed and dash to the nearest donut shop for some pastries to-go.  We would then drive to one of several favorite waterfront spots to sit and have our breakfast picnic. 

Back then we would stare out at the beauty of the Gulf of Mexico, or Corpus Christi Bay, and we would dream of how our cruising life would be.  Now we gaze at the waters of the ACTUAL CARIBBEAN SEA... and remember how cruising life has brought us to this place in time.  Thinking back to that moment 30 minutes before saying our wedding vows, we could not have imagined that this is where we would end up. 

I know that the life we have yet to live will not always be wonderful... but I'm doing my best to keep it fun, adventurous, and spontaneous.  The simple pleasure of having breakfast on a sandy beach has done a lot to buoy our lagging spirits that increased preventative measures against the spread of the COVID19 virus have brought upon us.  Getting out and taking this for ourselves was clandestine and a little naughty, but we encountered no other people, so we felt pretty safe taking this day to celebrate ourselves!

Just the drive along the coast road was a treat!
We settled on the ridge and had our delicious breakfast sandwiches

We saved some room for yummy pastries that my Most Wonderful Husband presented to me thusly
Not the best photo, but with my crutches, I couldn't work the timed shot...  Bruce barely made it back in time!
The ever-present lurking iguana!
We had our delicious breakfast... what a treat to have decadent pastries on the beach!  We decided that reviving this tradition was a great idea, and we'll be doing this a LOT more often.

The wind was still, but a light breeze sprung up, probably brought on by nearby passing showers. Sitting in the shade of the tall palms, we were pretty cool.  But as the sun continued to climb, we became warmly exposed.  Bruce moved our little camp out to the shade of the nearly fallen palm closer to the tide line.  Here, we just sat and watched the waves roll in, and the ever-changing colors of the water as the clouds passed, giving us alternating sun and shadow.

I think this beats a rocking chair on some Texas Hill Country porch!
Sitting here, enjoying this million-dollar-view, we count ourselves most fortunate.  Just getting out of the house on our own for a change is liberating to the soul.  Now that my foot is on the mend and I can drive myself, we can take these refreshing little jaunts without having to inconvenience our friends. 

Thinking about the past 16 years (20 1/2 if truth be told) we can call it a success, even if we never have another special moment after today.  But, I can't help but hope that we have many, MANY more such moments in our future!

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