Sunday, August 6, 2017

You Fall In Love... Plans Change!

We were the first ones to pull up the anchor and saunter off down the coast of St. Lucia that Sunday morning...  Little did we know when we got up that morning how our plans would change...

We were done with the generator installation... that's why we stayed in Rodney Bay for so long...

We were ready to move on.  There was a little bit of weather coming so we wanted to hide out in Marigot Bay on a mooring ball... then head south when the coast was clear!
Cul-de-sac - an industrial harbour
Entering the channel into Marigot Bay

Looking back while coming into the Marigot Bay Basin

The waters calm significantly as we continue on into the basin
We had heard that Marigot Bay was pretty...  We missed it with the rental car but now we know that arriving by car isn't really the best way to see this lovely little cove.

We radioed our arrival to the Harbourmaster, Ford, and he came out to meet us in the Marina's dinghy... Ford led us to a nice mooring and got us tied up.  This was our first taste of the stellar customer service in this Marina.

Ford told us to get settled and come into the office to get signed in at our leisure...  Next we had a visit from a character paddling a board loaded with fruit and wearing a Santa hat... He said his name was Noel, but we later learned that he also goes by Tito and other names as well...

He gave us a taste of his locally grown bananas and we bought a bunch more from him.  They really are very sweet and fresh!  This island grows bananas commercially for import to the UK... but we got them first!

Noel moved on to Adventure US 2
Our friends on AU2 came in right after us and got settled on the next mooring ball over.  Consort would arrive later and take a ball as well to ride out the wave that's coming our way.

This water in this basin is as flat as a bath tub... Jezabelle is always unhappy when we leave the safe comfort of a flat water place, but her annoyance at leaving Rodney Bay was short lived... We went from one calm oasis to another...

Here she is voting to remain here forever.  And really, she's not the only one!  We considered staying in Rodney Bay for the summer and decided to move on... But this place... Maybe we should RE-reconsider!

We settled in and I fired up the iPad and discovered a pretty decent wifi signal from the Capella Marina - right here on the boat.  I floated the question to Bruce:  Why don't we stay HERE for the summer?  He rejected the idea... at first.

I mulled it over.  This place is a hurricane hole.  It's far enough south that we COULD flee from a big storm if we needed to.  Most of the storms that come this far south at this time of year are Waves or weak Tropical storms... worst case scenario a Cat 1-2 hurricane.  We would be safe.  We could go into the mangroves that surround this basin and the hills all around would greatly reduce wind.  There would be no waves or storm surge in this basin due to the tiny entrance to the west...  WE have WIFI!!!

Plus... the charms of this Marina can't be dismissed.  Guests of the Marina - even on the mooring balls - are allowed full access to Capella Resort just beyond the dock.  There are TWO swimming pools, restaurants, shower/toilet facilities, a workout room... and the grounds are beautiful.  Why NOT stay???  It wasn't until Bruce signed onto the internet and saw how fast it worked... He could get his sports scores at leisure!  HE SAID YES!!!

We hadn't even checked in yet and we have decided to change our future and remain here for the summer.  The first thing I did after the decision was made was to email our friends back home that we would be staying, and inviting them to come visit us on St. Lucia!  Within a short time we firmed up their plans to come in late September... So when we went ashore to the Marina office to check in, we told them we would be staying through the first week of October at least...

Our friends on AU2 were hearing this change of plans for the first time at that very moment... I quickly averted my eyes from the little surprised glance...  Well... we wanted to move south with you guys... but it's so awesome here and our friends will come visit us!  Why don't you stay here too???  It will be fun!

Once everyone got checked in, us for the summer... the rest of our group for a few days... we all retired to the awesome upper pool!

Shady swim-up bar

Hanging out at the deep end

Nice chaise lounges...with shade!

Seriously... FREE TREATS!

Why yes, I think I'll have one... How lovely of you to offer!

Let that settle in... All this is OURS for the summer!
Little birds on the flowers
The resort
Our swim-up bar  OBVIOUSLY before happy hour began

Bubbles beneath the barstools... No, it isn't kinky at all!


YaYa Princesses "Little Bird", "Hell Yeah" and "She-Who-Brings-Tribes-Together" respectively...
Free Manager's Concoctions!

A Pina Colada in a Margarita Glass... You're not in Texas anymore!

NOW it's Happy Hour!

These two are just too cute!  We had a blast hanging out at the pool all afternoon.  Hunger finally drove us home but we weren't done having fun...

Cheri called for an UN-Dinner Party  aboard Consort in one hour.

No special preparations allowed... Just bring whatever you were planning to cook for your own dinner and the group would share it.

One hour later we all congregated on Consort to watch one of the best Sunsets in the Caribbean.  This spit of land was made famous by the movie Dr. Doolittle back in 1967.  I will put that on my summer movie list!

The meal ended up being quite a hit... sort of a come-as-you-are-party but for food.  We laughed into the night, long past our bedtime before we finally broke up and turned in...  Today was the most fun we've had in recent memory.  Something about this place just lights us up and although we will be sad to see our friends go on without us.. (still trying to convince them to stay), we are super excited about spending the summer in this luxury resort with all of St. Lucia ours to explore!  Yes, we're in LOVE!

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