Sunday, June 1, 2014

Miami to Ft. Lauderdale - In Pictures

Suddenly we left.

The weather said go.  Monday was the plan, but it looked like the evil weather had stepped it up a bit.  So, we pulled up our anchor in No Name Harbor and took off!

I guess we'll have to see Miami up close on the next trip!  The view from the water will have to do for now...

Passing beneath the bridge

Bruce guiding our boat through the channels

Kickin' back and enjoying the sights

I want one!

We're getting into the land of the BIG BOYs now!

The Miami River!
Miami in the rear view...

We took Fisherman's Channel along the back side of the Port of Miami to where it joins  Government Cut.  There were huge container ships loading and unloading along the way.  We feel REALLY small!

This is the intersection of Fishermen's and Government Cut looking inbound
We joined Government Cut where things really got choppy.  A luxury yacht passed us leaving us rocking and rolling.  This of course, set off the meow-de-mer, which had been fine until this point...

Across the Cut

Exiting the Cut and looking south

We encountered some bouncy times as we exited the Cut and made our way out into the beautiful atlantic.  We expected seas of 1-2 ft. but they looked a little bigger.  I guess it's always like that.  There were some big boats hanging out here.

The last channel marker buoy

We raised sails and settled in for the ride enjoying the sounds of the absent engine noise.  We're so rarely been able to just sail... it's become a treat.  We had around 30 miles to go and all day to get there... We tried our hand at fishing but no fish were interested...  

Poor Jezabelle with meow-de-mer

Proof of sail

It was a little rolly

We ended up starting the engine as the winds decreased dropping our speed to the high 3's.  We took pity on poor Jezabelle and sped the boat up which also decreased the rolling motion.  She and Jetsam were much more happy and our offshore hop was at an end.  

Bruce directing traffic

Even though it was very bouncy, we held off to let a couple of boats pass

Looking North along Ft. Lauderdale beach

We motored past the cruise ship port

We made the turn where we waited alongside a huge cruise ship in hopes of a quick dart beneath the 17th Street Bridge.  We ended up waiting for about 20 minutes, during which time the port police came alongside to tell us we were getting TOO close to the cruise ship.  We literally had to hold position in the middle of the channel to wait for the bridge to keep far enough away from the ship.

17th Street Bridge

All this just for US???

Jetsam taking it all in...

OK, you may lower now...

We motored along the ICW between huge buildings on one side and lavish homes on the other.  The mega-yachts were all lined up along the way like they have nowhere else to go.  We missed the opening of the Las Olas bridge by seconds and ended up motoring in a big loop amongst the rich and famous.  Finally our hour passed and we were able to drop anchor in the New River Sound.  Home at last.


  1. Ahhh! Playing with the big boys and their toys.

    There is a couple of great spots to tie up (city owned) up the new river. Easy walk to downtown stuff. Enjoy!

    Mark and Cindy
    s/v Cream Puff

  2. Catching up ... ya'll are having too much fun! LOL!