Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Things I Do For Pie

Each morning, we have the same discussion.  What are we going to do today?  Each of us throws something out there and then we decide which things we will do.  It’s a good process.  It works for us.  

But sometimes, I don’t show all of my cards on the table…

We decided to take the dinghy and explore the area after the morning Net (our first) and a quick trash run.  Bruce worked on tidying the deck while I produced our first decent breakfast in days…  We usually eat breakfast bars and pop tarts when we’re traveling…  Today, it’s Chilequillas with Bacon!  

When it was time to go, Bruce told me that the winds had really come up and offered me an out.  I looked at him blankly and pretended that I didn’t have any idea why he would think we shouldn’t go because of a little wind…  He was mystified.  Had I let on that my ultimate plan was to head to Burdines for their Fried Key Lime Pie… he would have understood.  But I kept him in the dark.  

Looking back at the mooring field from Sister Creek
So, we loaded into the dinghy and dropped off the trash ashore.  Then I pointed him over to the entrance markers to Sister Creek.  I am on a mission to scope out cool places to take our Daughter and her Husband when they visit us soon… Sombrero Beach is just at the end of the creek.  

We cut across the waves, not getting too wet.  We entered the protected creek and I laughed out loud as we turned all Jungle Explorer, motoring along the mangrove lined waterway… until we reached the next REALLY nice neighborhood.  

I've got a beach in my back yard...
It would be so cool to live here.  These people really DO have “A Beach In My Back Yard”.  

Open water just ahead...
We turned back with a quick glimpse of the beach because the winds blowing off the open water were much stronger.  We’ll come back on a more calm wind day.  It was at this moment that I chose to reveal my real motivation for getting out.  

I want to go to Burdines and have Fried Key Lime Pie for lunch!  A-HA!  Now he gets it!  

It was wetter than it looked!
Bruce looks at me like I’m crazy as we reach the main channel and turn directly upwind towards Burdines.  Every third wave douses us with salt water and I just laughed like a crazy woman.  Bruce hunkered down mumbling something like “I can’t beLIEVE we’re doing this…”.  This brought on more maniacal laughter from me as I took another wave that found skin… The clothes were soaked through.  

We docked the dink and found a seat on the calm side of the restaurant.  I was just soaking it all in.  The waitress was fine with our scraggly look.  I’m sure they get all kinds in here…  

The smell of burgers caused me to waiver in my plan to eat pie for lunch.  We ordered an Italian Burger to split… and then the pie.  

Even the view was good!
The burger was good, but the PIE… It was divine.  I didn’t know you could DO this to pie…  If they had this in Texas… we wouldn’t have had to LEAVE!  We enjoyed our new favorite food, and the view of the mooring field from the top deck of the famous Burdines.  Just knocking those bucket list items off one by one…  

Check another one off the Bucket List
When we started home in the dinghy, the winds had increased… Bruce just shook his head saying “I can’t believe you would do this… for PIE."


  1. Congrat on the fist of the two year plan.....I oh so want to get underway soon.....Thanks for all the interesting tidbits. It will make my trip so much more enjoyable...just don't eat all the fried key lime pie....Leave some for me.

  2. Fried key lime pie? How could it possibly get better than that. What's a few waves when faced with key lime anything? I fear that cruising will be the end of reasonable eating for me. That place looks awesome.

  3. So exciting! I remember our first time under that bridge & into Boot Key Harbor. What a fun place, enjoy. And don't miss going to Dockside. We're sorry we missed you, but we'll catch up someday & share a drink together!

  4. Fried key lime pie ... that does sound divine! I have a big sweet tooth, so I can relate to doing crazy things for pie ... glad it was worth it!