Friday, August 31, 2012

My Thoughts about Hurricane Isaac

Picture of Isaac courtesy of Washington Post

Bruce was raised in Kansas where they have Tornados. I am haunted by childhood memories of The Wizard of OZ, with the threat of being whisked off to a far off land by whirling winds where flying monkeys get in my hair...

I was raised here in South Texas where my family "rode out" Hurricane Celia when I was six years old.  My shadowy memories consist of my brother and I being deposited underneath our dining room table in the center of our home piled atop a bed of pillows and blankets.  We groused about being stuck there while my Dad watched out the window.  I remember walking up the fallen palm tree in our yard during the eye and riding in the back seat of our car after it was all over.  Yes, we are those dummies who drive around gawking at the storm damage.  I have no memory of living out of ice chests or going without electricity for days.  No "healthy fear".

Now... boat ownership has changed that a bit.  I do fear the possible loss of our recently purchased perfect Cruising Home.  Part of my mental preparation for our planned future life, has me watching blogs and Facebook pages of others in the various stages, from planning, to execution, to newly cruising, to cruising veterans...  I have been soaking up information about "all things Cruising" and have several online "friends" who were in Isaacs path.

I am thankful that none of them have suffered much other than having a somewhat harrowing experience... all have reported little or no damage.

My thoughts:  No matter where we are on the Gulf Coast during hurricane season, there is the chance that we could be threatened by a hurricane at some point.  Staying here at home does not protect us, other than the fact that we have a designated slip for our boat.  Actually... our slip is probably not a great one should a hurricane come our way.  (heads up Port A Marina) 

I would give little resistance to tying our boat up as best we can and evacuating to the Kids' house in San Antonio shoud a big one threaten.  I might be inclined to stay and ride it out in a situation like Isaac... 

No matter what the size of the storm, I guess mentally I will continue to remind myself that we have insurance... and trust in our Guardian Angel to keep us safe.  We will do everthing we can to be smart and protect Dos Libras and ourselves, but there is only so much one can do... 

Fear:  I am still blissfully unafraid, at least to the point that it would cause us to re-think our plans to cruise.  I know there are some out there who may stumble upon my insignificant little blog, that might knowingly shake their heads and think "just wait until she experiences a real storm aboard her tiny little boat... she'll change her tune then!".  And I'm sure I've got a lot to learn... To those people who have experienced it and given up, I am sorry.  But to those who have experienced it and come through it stronger and more experienced... I hope that I would join your ranks by learning and growing from it.

But for now... I will continue to absorb all you Cruising Facebook Page-ers and Bloggers have to share and take from it what I can should the Eye of the Storm ever turn it's wrath upon Dos Libras, wherever she may be.  Thanks for sharing.