Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Return To Blue Pool

Our plans today did not include any sort of play.  No.  I spent the morning working on an insurance issue and the second wave of recent credit card fraud ~ not any kind of play at all!  My nerves were frazzled... until a friendly invitation to swim at the lovely Charco Azul melted all of my cares away!

This is not our first visit to this beautiful place, but it is the first time we've come here just to swim.  Driving up into the winding, narrow mountain roads on 184 is always a treat.  It's much cooler in the higher elevations, which makes swimming less desirable... but the sun was shining down on the pool with the wind blocked by the surrounding lush forest.

I didn't expect to see many people here on a Tuesday afternoon, but apparently word is getting out and Charco Azul is making its way onto the agenda of more tourists these days.  But it was only a few people, and once the young couple, who obviously expected a less public setting, gave up and left... there was plenty of room for everyone!

If you want to come here, is's on Carretera #184 a short distance past Guavate if you're coming from the north.  It is on Google Maps, and the parking is on the roadside across the street from the entrance.

There is also a very narrow asphalt "road" leading to another parking area off the road, but it's a little dicey and the walk is not difficult, so we parked outside on the roadside.  A trail that seems to be maintained by proud locals, leads across the stream several times before it brings you to the opening where the pool is found.  It's called the Blue Pool, but it is really more of a green... maybe that changes at some times of the year, I don't know.

The walk into the forest is quite pleasant with the mountain temperatures in the high 70s/low 80s.
There was even live entertainment!
There are a couple of shelters with benches to leave your belongings while you swim, and while it seems like a very safe place, it's always a good idea to keep a close eye on your things.  We can come here just for a swim so it isn't a problem to just leave our valuables at home!

Access to the pool requires a little bit of a scramble down the low embankment, but it's not difficult.  There is a shallow area near the exit where the water continues on down to the lake further down the mountain.  The bottom is rocky with sediments that get stirred up when you shuffle your feet along, but the clarity is still relatively decent.

Minors picking at my skin!!
There are minnows that swarm around you, picking at your skin everywhere!  They're not too big today, but if they grow any larger, it might be a good idea for gentlemen to wear a shirt to swim here!

Just over my left shoulder is where the stream enters the pool
There is one little waterfall that feeds the pool from the far end, and it looks like there might be a second one further back up a second little stream that enters the pool from straight across.  I didn't bring my water booties this time, but next time we come here, I'll be able to scramble up the rocks and see what's up there.  Gotta save some adventuring for the next trip... which will become a regular thing for us now that we know it's such a short drive from home!

Charco Azul is a peaceful spot where nature sounds are the only ones you'll hear.  Coquis, and the sighs of the wind and water rushing nearby will soothe away your worries and your cares.  The people we've met here have all been very happy to speak proudly of their island home and the fact that there is no litter or vandalism here speaks more loudly than words.

We look forward to bringing future guests here and to many happy returns to Charco Azul!

Just another lazy day in paradise!

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