Friday, May 15, 2015

Florida East - Treasure Cay

As soon as we got settled after successfully navigating the entrance to the anchorage at Treasure Cay, we looked around and mused "we could be in Florida!".

Getting in is best done with higher than low tide as there are some shallow spots, especially before the channel begins.

Once in the channel, the markers are abundant and you can see where the shallow spots are.

Inside you will find about half a dozen mooring balls in good conditions, and plenty of room to anchor.  This is where the resemblance to Florida is found.  The anchorage is in a series of canals that are protected by bulkheads and homes.  Even the water is greenish but still clear and clean.  Holding is good if you can't get a mooring.

The moorings cost $20 per night, and you can anchor for $10 per night.  This gets you all of the amenities offered by the nearby marina which include wifi, showers, a restaurant and a nice pool.  You can get limited water by filling your jugs at the marina.

We happily dropped anchor and met some new friends in the process when we settled side-by-side of them.  Their attitude was that if our boats got too close to one another, they'd put out some fenders and raft us up!  How cool is that????  Turns out that they also know Karl and Jan on White pepper and they joined us all for happy hour which lasted well into dark when we were abruptly scattered by a brief rain shower.

The following day we joined our friends for a beach walk.  The beach is right across the street from the marina and has chairs and shady palms.  Treasure Cay has one of the Abacos Top Ten Beaches and it is no lie.

Our mission: to find french fries.  We had heard that there were special fries at a place called Treasure Sands Club and we were hot to see what all the fuss was about.  It was a rather long walk, but hey, the view makes up for any discomfort we felt and we enjoyed the time to chat with one another.

The TSC is a resort-in-the-making.  There is a very nice open air restaurant.  We sat and ordered drinks and lunch and spent a decadently long time sitting at the table.  Our waiter was the BEST and he made it clear that our happiness was his first priority.  When we finished lunch, we drifted towards the pool, half expecting someone to object... until our waiter approached with an offer of clean towels for us all.  Talk about customer service!!!

After the frosty reception and attitude we felt at MOW Cay, this was such a welcome change.  We spent the entire afternoon hanging out at this beautiful pool, feeling like we truly ARE "The Rich And Famous".  THIS... is the good life!

We were all shocked to realize the time was moving on towards sundown.  We reluctantly left this oasis and trekked back the way we had come.  The view was slightly different with the changed light as the sun slanted behind us.

It's really hard work, this Cruiser life... by the time we reached our "home beach" we were all sweaty and tired.  We took a break under a shady palm tree and just stared out at the beauty that is ours.

Our mood was now a bit somber.  Our friends from home would be leaving in the morning.  It has been so good seeing them but there's just never enough time to properly catch up.

The White Pepper left to get our friends to the airport and Bruce and I stayed on another day.  We did a little fishing (catching nothing) and enjoyed the pool.  This place is so well protected and feels just so welcoming, we will put it on our list of places to return for sure. Maybe it's the fact that it's reminiscent of home (the US), maybe it's because it's just so EASY here... but the place is accurately named Treasure Cay.


  1. Ed and I heard about this place but didn't take the time to go there. Sounds wonderful. I hope we get to experience on our own someday. Great write-up.

    1. It really is a nice and easy place to be. There is protection from all points, groceries, a lovely beach, places to explore on the dinghy... Surely you guys will come back to the Bahamas in your old age.