Wednesday, September 17, 2014

And the Awards Just Keep Coming...

So because I'm such a sucker for the Q&A... I'm responding to a SECOND set of questions for the coveted Liebster Award!  Thanks SV Terrapin for the gracious nomination!  

-  What was the defining moment when you knew that you had to set sail?  We had been planning for years but I really could not imagine leaving my job.  I loved my job and it was such a huge part of who I WAS, I just couldn't really do it.  But... after a couple of changes in Administration and a few years of adjustment that didn't go like I had hoped, I felt that the place was no longer "mine" and that the time to set sail had finally come.  Note:  I could never have left if we hadn't had Cruising plans.

- What's the one comfort you wish you had while cruising? A bigger bathtub!

-  How long do you plan to be out?  Is it until the money runs out or are your plans finite?  We plan to cruise until it isn't fun anymore.  I would imagine that we'll stop when one or the other of us finds the lifestyle too physically demanding or dementia sets in...

-  What is the most awesome place you've visited so far? I really can't answer that with just one place...  I really have loved just about every place we've visited for one reason or another...  Maybe that's the secret to happiness while cruising!  

-  What is the least awesome place you have visited so far? Because of my answer to the previous question, I have no un-awesome PLACE, but I do have a least awesome THING... bugs!  No-see-ums and mosquitos!  They keep you from being able to sit outside and enjoy the evening.  

-  What advice would you give our family as we're about to set out? Put Aimee on the helm.  Even though you're newer to sailing, we have found that having the stronger person handling the dock lines and anchoring to be a safer and more sensible choice.  Many women are reluctant to take the helm, but... may find that their natural talent for it will surface with a little encouragement.  

-  What is the one place that you can't wait to visit?  Well right now it's the Bahamas. We didn't make it there last season so we're ready and rarin' to go!

-  Wine?  Beer?  Margaritas?  Bruce is the Beer man but I (Tammy) prefer Margaritas of the three... but I'm more of a fruity pineapple/rum drink girl really.  Besides... it's hard to find a good Margarita outside of South Texas!

-  Do you ever get sick of your crew?  What do you do for personal space on a boat?  So far... no!  I lounge in the bed with a book or the iPad while Bruce hangs out in the cockpit alone, also with his Kindle...  Our coping skills are evolving.    Here is the latest post on the subject.

-  What is the one non-essential item on your boat that you would not want to live without?  The freezer.  Lots of people cruise happily without one... but it's really nice to have the luxury of frozen meats and lovely ICE!  

There you have it!  Since we've already made our nominations on our first Liebster award post, we'll forgo those now.  Thanks again to Terrapin!  Maybe our paths will cross some day!  

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  1. Hello, Considering a 1995 Morgan 45 CC. Would you cross oceans with her? Any feedback on your boats sailing abilities would be appreciated.