Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Boo Boo

While I was in Rhode Island visiting our New Boat before Bruce began the homeward journey, some of you might recall that I smashed the bejeebers out of my finger while cleaning the boat.  I've been very good and patient in the month since then, but the demons in my head overpowered my fear of needles this week and I got our radiology department at work to do a mammogram on my finger.  Lo and behold... it was broken! You can see the tip of the bone there is clearly not attached!

Today I saw Dr. Chris Miskovsky ( who my friend Karl once tried to get me to date) of Orthopaedic Center of Corpus Christi.  I had a "real" x-ray to take along with me and thankfully the time from the image above to the visit was short.  This allowed only minimal internal mental drama before the wonderful Dr. Miskovsky assured me that if he "fixed it", it would probably do more damage than good.  YAY!  I'm not going to die.  No sinister pins or annoying splints for me. 

He said that the gap in the bone would probably never calcify completely and maybe not at all.  He said that there was already tissue filling the gap and because of the millions of nerve endings involved, it would feel painfull or tingly for a while.  He advise that I spend some time in trying to desensitize it, likening the nerves to the hearing of a mother with small know when it's just normal hubub and when it's serious.  I must convince my nerve endings that what they are feeling is normal hubub. 

It's still early days and the swelling hasn't gone down.  He said my fingertip would continue to feel hard for 3 months or more, but that massaging it with lotion would help with the desensitization and with helping the ravaged scar tissue inside return to pliability.  So... I will sleep better tonight.