Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer Sailstice 2011

I've been working on getting the BYC Series race scheduled for today hooked up with Summer Sailstice.  I sent out invitations to fellow sailors in the Corpus Christi Bay area to join our race and sign up on the SS website to be eligible to win hundreds of prizes.  I bought toys for the boat and the winds dashed it all!  The Race was cancelled so Bruce took us all out to Bird Island Basin to play while he windsurfed.  The kids set off with this board to paddle around.

I spent my time sunbathing on the shore.  I had the perfect job.  Keep one eye on Bruce as he windsurfed, and keep the other eye on Brittney & Matt as they slowly drifted downwind and nearly out of sight.

Bruce came in to mention (too late) that the kids should have gone upwind first.  The winds were really blowing and we figured that they would have a hard time getting back upwind.  I wasn't too worried.  There was an island downwind and they could go to shore and walk back if things got bad. 

I turned my attention to trying to get the perfect picture of Bruce as he darted in and back out on the board.  He was really cutting right along.  There were few windsurfers out there so it wasn't hard to pick him out.

I waded out into the water near the drop off to get some closer shots.  The water was bathwater warm but surprisingly clear for these windy conditions.  Bruce was working on his jibes and seemed to improve rapidly.  He came in for a rest after an hour or so.  He was having a ball.  He even got his blisters back! 

I tried briefly to stand on his board.  It's pretty tricky so I gave up right away.  I still have no desire whatsoever to try windsurfing.  Even with the realization after watching the other windsurfers out here at Bird, that there are many old and out of shape people out there trying it.  NOPE!  I'm staying on the shore!  The afternoon wore on and I saw the kids go to shore.  I took pity on them and went to get them in the van.  I think it saved their relationship...

We went home to shower and change for the BYC Potluck dinner.  We still had a fun evening ahead of us.  The potluck was well attended.  Since we spent the afternoon out playing, we bought BBQ as our offering for the potluck.  Our dinner had a Summer Sailstice theme.  Everyone wore outrageous sunglasses and brightly colored summer attire.  We had a great time and I hope to get more organized next year and make it a bigger event with the whole Bay area invited.  Maybe the winds will cooperate next year.  If you're a sailor type... check out the Summer Sailstice website.  I've been a member for over a year.  No spam, just a few emails per year.  The purpose is to create global awareness for our sport.  Sail locally, celebrate globally!

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