Friday, August 7, 2020

Days Are Blending Together ~ BeachwalkS


Each Beachwalk is unique...
We may walk this beach a thousand times...
But no two will be the same!

We're still living in an increased level of lockdown due to an uptick in COVID19 cases here on the island.  They've closed our swimming pool again, BUT, the beach is still open for exercising.  This is our lifeline!  Well, that, and the fact that I can now drive again... but that's not what this post is about.  

While I've been down, my stamina has plummeted.  I can not wrap my mind around how far down I've come, but finally, with each passing day and with each beach walk, I'm seeing improvement.  My problem is that I get a little overzealous and try to do too much.  This puts me back a step, and I chafe at having to take a couple of days off per week to recuperate.  But it is a process... and I'm finally having some fun taking pictures of beach things again!  

So... here are three short beach walks in one post!  

First - just two days after the recent tropical storm, the beach is still very cluttered with piles of seaweed and a little more trash than usual.  The decrease in sea glass is a puzzling thing, but it still gives me something to strive for, other than just the exercise.  

Little bit of clutter...

So we make our slow way to the west, picking up sea glass and interesting rocks... I'm trying to increase the distance each day, but it seems that I can make it to a particular resting spot and Bruce talks me into turning back.  He really doesn't want me to overdo it...

The view from our resting tree!

I love a slanted palm, and this one has become our regular stopping spot.  It provides a lovely shade, and a comfortable place for us both to sit, AND a gorgeous view.  Every day - I know Bruce thinks I sound like a broken record - but every day, I say how lucky we are and how I just can't believe that THIS is ours!

The view.  Soon I will continue on this way...

But for now... this works too!

After a couple of rest days, we decided to get out there a little earlier.  It's full-on summertime here now, and when the sun is high, it can be pretty warm... even on the beach!  If I'm going to increase my distance, I'm going to need more water, and less heat!

Meager collection today

He seems a little offended by our presence
A pattern is forming.  We go out and slowly make our way up the beach, stopping to search each big rock pile for sea glass.  We rest and drink plenty of water in the shade, then return back to our beach path.  Here, we sit for a while, just enjoying the breeze and the view.  With the lockdown, our days are not very full, so there's no reason we shouldn't linger here... and just watch the crab-neighbors do their thing!

Another day... another beach walk.  Yes, they are blending together...  The crabs even seem to recognize us, and they're less afraid.  The no longer scuttle back to their hole, but walk boldly around us.  Yes, still in an offensive stance, but sometimes they turn their backs to us and go on about their business.  It's fun to sit and watch them!

But we've got walking to do, and sea glass to find.  With each passing day after the storm, we're finding a bit more.  If we stop on a rock pile, the waves bring pieces up and deposit them at our feet!  That's the lazy way to hunt!

Yup!  Just stand here on this pile and watch the new pieces settle at my feet!
I don't pick up a lot of rocks, but when I find an interesting one... it comes home with me!

Not so many today, but at least we got ONE little blue!

Here, I must pause to tell you how awesome Bruce has been through all of this thing with my foot.  Since April 23rd, the day I fell and began this long process, he has been doing most of the work in maintaining our household.  He's been my nurse, my cook, and he's fetched and carried every little thing I've needed, ALMOST without complaint.  He's kept our home running, and clean, and kept me fed.  Now he's keeping a watchful eye over my recovery, and that means he's the voice of reason when I get impatient, which is pretty much always.  What would I ever have done without him?  I never want to find out...  And every morning when we wake up and decided what to do today, he's always up for another.... Beachwalk!

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