Monday, January 5, 2015

Trawler Trash - Confessions Of A Boat Bum * A Book Review

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I found myself wishing it were true, in fact… I’m not sure I totally believe the author when he professes this to be a work of fiction.  The vivid accuracy of his descriptions of places we have visited ourselves provided me with another layer of experience that I could not know.  The story allows a glimpse into the lives of the scruffy looking dudes often found hanging out in the shadows in bars all up and down the Florida Coast and the Keys.  I’ve wondered about them and their stories… this just could be one of them.  

I love a book that I can really get into and although I can’t approve of all of Breeze's choices, I can certainly understand them.  My heart was aching for the loss he experienced as I followed along, hoping that he would find some way out of the darkness.  

Of course he does, but I was still hoping for a more tidy ending… but then you never get those in real life, so why would I expect it here…? This just adds to the realism of the story.  I want to go back to Pelican Bay and tromp through the mangroves in search of that still… maybe there’s a bottle or two of that rum lying around somewhere…  The book was just so believable!  

If you’re looking for a very realistic cruising experience that doesn’t read like a cruising guide, you will enjoy this story.  It will take you from the West Coast of Florida on a live aboard trawler, to the BVIs on a luxury yacht and back.  You’ll cheer in the end for Breeze and the dream of tossing the dock lines yourself will become even stronger.  

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I have no personal connection to this author and receive no benefit from your purchase.  It's just a book that I like.

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