Sunday, June 9, 2013

One Part Brandy To Four Parts Red Wine

This morning at 6:30...
Me:  Lets go walk on the beach!  Bruce:  OK!

He's always so agreeable...  The winds in the marina seemed light, but when we got to the Jetties we found a different scenario.  I think if we would have stood still for a few minutes, we could  be SAND DUNES!

I love standing on the jetty watching the power of the waves come crashing in.  I could see the little fish jumping out of the water fleeing for their lives as some unseen bigger fish darted after them.  The water's surface boiled with the circle of life in real time.

The predators weren't only in the water.  Those poor little bottom-of-the-food chain guys got it from all angles.

We walked along the shore at the base of the jetty where there always seems to be a collection of "stuff".  This is a catch-all in which we've found a myriad of goodies, most of which were utter junk, but fun to find all the same.

Today was no different... I got a great little purple sand shovel with hardly a scratch on it!  SCORE!  But our big treasure today was this!

Bruce picked up a green bottle... no, there was not a message inside.  At least not yet!  I'm saving it for our departure.  I'll put a message inside that tells the finder of the day we set sail on our Cruising adventure...  but I digress.

This wonderful bottle is a story.  I couldn't wait to get back to the computer to look it up.  The shoulder of the bottle is embossed with "1790".  Now, judging from the cork with the plastic top... I'm thinking that's a bit of an exaggeration.

There are words around the bottom of the bottle... I try to make them out.  Geo. G. Sandeman Sons & Co. 

I find that Mr. Sandeman did indeed begin making his Port wine in 1790.  I don't know that I've ever tasted "The Englishman's Wine", but now, I just might make myself a batch.

Maybe I'll sit on the deck and think about my bottle and where it might have come from.  The Port is made in the UK... maybe my bottle floated from there.  Maybe some day it will make it's way back there with our note inside...

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