Saturday, April 27, 2013

Love With A Chance Of Drowning - A book review

I was offered the chance to read a new book written by one of the members of a Facebook group I frequent. I have been struggling to get through another book for weeks, and with the little reading time I have, wondered if I would be able to find the time to do her justice. I was more than a little skeptical about the book... Some new author... How good could it be really?

Most of what I read these days has something to do with sailing. I'm in total immersion mode... I was hooked after reading the intro.  I was already eating my earlier dismissive thoughts.  I don't think I'm going to "struggle" through this one...

I dove in, reading along with ever increasing enjoyment as Torre took me with her in a way that was very comfortable and engaging. My admiration for her grew as I read about her independent spirit and I laughed out loud at her unexpected little humor bombs. I wanna BE this girl!

Her life joined mine as I was there with her preparing the boat to set sail. I wanted to copy and paste the argument about safety equipment for my own future reference as it mirrored the thoughts in my head and helped to organize them into perspective.  I relaxed into it as my fears were allayed. I'm ready!  Lets GO!  

Torre on her first night watch
"If the Ocean doesn't know I'm there, the Ocean can't kill me"...  A storm at sea strikes terror into my heart as I hover near Torre and hear her thoughts while the boat pounds and lurches.  With those words, my own inner child identifies with the Author and I become even more personally invested in her story as we experience our first storm at sea together.  Now, when it happens to me... it won't be my first time, and it is somehow comforting to me. 

One by one... Torre touches on all of the important arguments that clutter the minds of those contemplating setting sail to a life previously unknown.  All of the regulars are there. Safety on board and in foreign lands, guns on board, fear, self doubt, and extreme intimacy of living on a small sailboat with one person for prolonged periods.   It's all there!

I won't say more about what's inside this book so that you can discover it as I have... One precious page at a time.  I paced myself, doling it out, hoarding it, savoring it, laughing, crying...  Until I reached the end. Wait!  I'm not ready to leave!  Torre, Ivan...don't stop!

I can't remember the last book I've enjoyed as much as Love With A Chance Of Drowning, by Torre DeRoche.  I'm excited and I'm energized!  Everyone considering the Cruising lifestyle and all of their family and friends should read this book. It makes the ominous looming specter of crossing the Pacific Ocean into a real live possibility. My only regret is that Torre hasn't done the Caribbean! I would love to traipse through in her footsteps as maybe someday, because of this book... I may be a Puddle Jumper too! 

The book was released on May 14th and you can get it on Amazon.

Enjoy this book trailer and find Torre's blog here.

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