Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Day at the Beach with the Fam...AKA Hold onto your HAT!

Melissa and Michael came down for the weekend to fish.   Michael had bought a Groupon for a Bay Fishing trip on a boat out of Port Aransas that he took on Saturday, but we had nothing planned for Sunday and I was determined to get some sun. 

We all piled into the van and drove out to the National Seashore Park and Malaquite Visitor's Center for the day.  It's really a nice park and most of the time there's nobody there.  At least the times Bruce and I have driven out there, it's been relatively uncrowded.  The winds today are probably keeping many people inside, but I've got to get out and soak up some rays. 

The boys helped us pack our gear out onto the beach so we could settle in to sunbathe. 

Melissa brought a magazine to get her "frivolous reading" fix.  I would imagine she's too busy to read magazines most of the time.  Brittney was reading a book for a class assignment.  I was just dozing in the warm sun...

The guys went back to the van and packed all of their fishing gear out to the beach.  It was really covered with seaweed which should have been a clue...

They all went out for about 3 seconds, then Bruce came back up on the beach and packed it in.  He has no time for wasting and made himself comfortable on the beach watching Michael, the last hold out, trying to avoid being wrapped in seaweed and washed up on the beach like a turtle.  We didn't catch any fish, but we had a nice family day at the beach. 

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