The Boat

Dos Libras 

1995 Catalina Morgan 45

Center Cockpit Cutter

She is 

"The One".  

The Name:  We only had about a month to come up with the perfect boat name.  We thought of mystical names, funny names, clever names... When it came down to it,  we decided that the name of our boat should represent US.  

Bruce and I share the same October birthday.  We are "Two Libras"... our birth sign.  It was one of the first things we shared in our relationship and in many ways, it defines us.  The perfect boat name!  I searched the internet for an image of the scales and found another "perfect".  The symbol for our birth sign with scales that kind of look like little sailboats...  It all just came together. 

This Morgan '45 has our preferred layout and all of the hings we wanted in a cruising home:

Center cockpit
Centerline Queen bed in the aft cabin
Bath Tub/designated shower
Fridge with top and front opening doors
Full cockpit enclosure
Full Batten main (not roller furling)
Sugar Scoop Transom
Dinghy Davits/dinghy
Draft less than 6'
Lots of opening ports and hatches for ventilation (we have 27 hatches and ports)
Below deck autopilot

The list goes on and on and on...  We shopped for over a year before we narrowed it down to the one boat that both Bruce and I could be happy with, that was at least CLOSE to our price range.  We ended up paying about $30 k more than our budget, but when you have to have it, you figure it out.  

  • We carry 128 gallons of fresh water and 77 gallons of diesel fuel.
  • We have a 50 hp Yanmar engine and folding 3 bladed Max Prop
  • Tall rig mast replacing the original rig - installed in 2008 (62.5 ft clearance)
  • Draft is 5'3"
  • Partial skeg mounted rudder
  • 8 kw Panda generator
  • Two 30 gallon holding tanks